Data center connectivity issues


The root cause has been resolved. The issue was some incorrect routes that caused all traffic to go to our USA infrastructure, instead of the correct destination in either AU or UK. No further impact is expected and all services have returned to normal. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Mis à jour

Our data centre vendor is continuing to work on the root cause of the problem.

Problème identifié

We’ve put a temporary fix in place that has restored all connectivity for AU and NZ customers while the data centre continues to work on the root cause.

En voie de résolution

We are continuing to work with out data centre provider on identifying and fixing the root cause of this outage as quickly as we can.

En voie de résolution

Our data center is currently experiencing an interruption to internet connectivity. The root cause is still being investigated by our upstream providers. Our cloud engineers are working with our data center to restore services as quickly as possible. Further updates will be provided here as they become available.

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