UK Cloud Network

Internet routing issues


Our workaround of the incorrect route is functioning as expected and no further issues are apparent with UK performance. We are marking this incident as Resolved at this point but will continue to work to understand and resolve the incorrect internet routing table.


We have identified that a major internet backbone provider was incorrectly routing UK based simPRO traffic to our USA infrastructure, causing severe performance degradation.

We have managed to block that traffic going to the USA and performance has now returned to normal.

We’ll continue to work with our data centre provider to determine how and why this happened. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


We are continuing to investigate the issue with our data centre provider to see if we can rectify the affected routes as quickly as possible.


We are working with our data centre provider to try and identify and resolve the root cause of the slowness in the routes. The simPRO cloud infrastructure is operating normally.


We are aware of some customers in the UK experiencing a slow connection to simPRO currently. The problem appears to be an incorrect routing table in the public internet before the traffic reaches our infrastructure. We are investigating if we can correct the route ourselves or work around it. Further updates will be posted here as they become available.