UK Cloud Network

Network Instability


No further network interruptions or DOS events have been detected. We’ll continue to monitor.


Cause of Service Interruptions

Over the past couple of weeks we have seen a number of major DOS (denial of service) attacks affect transit into our UK data centers.

These DOS attacks are NOT being directed at simPRO services directly - they are actually targeting the data centers and associated carriers - but our services unfortunately get caught up in the attack through failure of these transit networks.

Similar attacks have been reported on other data centers and networks in the UK - specifically London.

These DOS events are NOT attempts to access data (ie: breach) or access simPRO systems.

They are done to disrupt network traffic and make services unreachable and cause inconvenience to businesses like yours.

Monitoring and Mitigation Measures

DOS events of this type and at this level in the UK are unprecedented and not something we have seen until recently.

We are in regular contact with our data center providers as these events have occurred and have worked as quickly as possible to aid in mitigating the impact of these attacks.

While we are reliant on our providers to resolve these, in some cases simPRO have been able to switch to backup / alternative network services to work around issues as they occurred.

We are continuing to monitor and act on any further instances.

Additional Measures and Actions

Our network and data center providers are also working on new ways to mitigate these before they have the impacts they’ve had recently.

However, should we see a continuation or escalation of these events, we will look to deploying additional data center locations to service UK clients.

We will update clients if and when we decide to make any changes in regards to our UK data center presences.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience and disruption these unprecedented events have caused.


Our network engineers have instigated backup network services whilst we await further updates from our Data Center. This should restore access to those who were having issues or seeing slow page loads.

We’ll update this status once we have more details / resolution from the Data Center.


Our upstream providers have notified that there appears to be some degraded network routes in the UK affecting some network providers. All of simPROs systems are operating normally but this degradation may impact speeds of some users accessing their simPRO system. We are monitoring closely and awaiting further updates. Data center engineers are working with upstream providers to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible.

We apologise for any inconvenience this is causing and will update this notification with updates as they come to hand.